the decade from 1530 to 1539
Hypernyms: ↑decade, ↑decennary, ↑decennium

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  • 1530s in architecture — TOC Buildings* 1533 Work begins on La Fortaleza in Puerto Rico. * 1534 After 259 years of work, Regensburg Cathedral in Germany is completed. * 1535 After 258 years of work (1277 1535), St Alphege Church in Solihull, England, is completed. * 1537 …   Wikipedia

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  • Pilgrimage of Grace — Als Pilgrimage of Grace („Pilgerfahrt der Gnade“) wird eine Rebellion der Katholiken im Norden Englands unter der Führung des Juristen Robert Aske (1500–1537) im Oktober 1536 bezeichnet. Sie wuchs sich zur größten Krise während der Regierungszeit …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • 1500-1550 in fashion — Fashion in the period 1500 1550 in Western Europe is marked the age of nudity by voluminous clothing worn in an abundance of layers (one reaction to the cooling temperatures of the Little Ice Age, especially in Northern Europe and the British… …   Wikipedia

  • Dissolution of the Monasteries — History of Christianity in the British Isles The ruins of Glastonbury Abbey General Anglican Communion Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales Calendar of saints (Church of England) …   Wikipedia

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